Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting back into blogging!

I've decided that I may make this blog a little more personal then I wanted. More like a diary type thing.

It's been a very long time since I've posted. There's a ton of updates, new stories to tell. I guess I'll just start with the most recent. I've been thinking a lot & I've been wanting to just jot down my thoughts, but I never get to it. Especially with a 9 month old who crawls everywhere & doesn't believe in nap time.

I was recently hospitalized with sever stomach pains. Which I've gotten ever since I was a baby. No doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. Tests have been done and, nothing. No results. So finally, this past time I was hospitalized I had a endoscopy and colonoscopy done. I have a very high chance of having Crohn's disease and Celiac disease. I was put on a very strict diet. No dairy, salt, minimal sugar, gluten free diet. This is going to be hard.

I found my birth mother. Lets just say, she's a nut job. I'm one of TEN, yes TEN siblings. Most of them are actually from rapes, insest, or prostitution. GROOOOOSSSSS! Anyways...
I found this lovely woman on a sex offenders website. She molested and raped my soon to be 18 year old sister. I do know names and ages, but I'm not going to post them on my blog due to how I'm not even allowed to know about them (says the adoption agency). My "father" is one of two very nasty, mean men. Potential "father" one, is a murderer who decapitated a 14 year old boy (AND I WAS THERE TO WITNESS THIS!!!!!). Potential "father" two, is a lovely man who is a sex offender, woman beater and serial rapist. My "grandfather" (mothers dad) is currently in jail for raping and molesting mostly all my siblings, fathering my second oldest sister and murdering two black men in a drug deal gone bad. My "grandmother" died from an unknown cause. I am a tad bit suspicious on this one. But what ever. My mother is involved in two very brutal, nasty murders. One of which happened to a little old lady. This lady was actually the one who turned ME into child protective services when I was a baby due to my mother whoring her self around and abandoning me. I had 21 fractures ribs, fractured shoulder blade, and severe issues with my legs and arms. Lovely, huh? I found my birthmothers phone number and called her at 10:30 PM about a month ago. We talked for about an hour....then I was done! Her "husband" is a priest who is also a sex offender....LOVELY! He actually never knew she had kids or basically any thing about her. Come to find out, she was married 6 times and she has never been "legally" divorced. Boligamy at it's finest :D
She did e-mail me pictures and I have to say, I kind of look like her. But you can obviously tell the years have taken a toll on her. She's only 42 years old.

I'm getting married! May 5th of this year will change my life forever. I'll be a married woman :D
I'll post all about this in a totally different post. But I will let you know, my fiances name is Raymond. He's the sweetest guy ever. AND my parents love him. HA, that's literally a first. They hated every single guy I've been with. He's actually not a druggie, drug dealer, jail bird, nothing like any guy I've been with. Surprised? I am too :D
& the best part, he loves Chloe! He's her father figure since she doesn't see her dad and him and I no longer speak.

I'm just trying to hurry on up and type since Chloe will most likely be up soon. I swear this child knows when I'm doing something and only takes very very short naps, if that! I'm going to try and blog on a daily basis. I want to keep my blog updated on things that are going on and post tons of pictures of my little cutie. Oh, I forgot to mention....I've been in cosmetology school for about 6 months now. I love it! I can't wait to graduate and start my cosmetology career. Charlie is no longer a member of our family anymore. He's been so aggressive we had to let him go. His new owner actually texted me yesterday and let me know that animal control will be putting him down due to Charlie attacking him. It's sad, but he'll be in doggie heaven. Raymond and I have a new puppy....well horse if you see his size. We've had him for about 3 weeks. He loves Chloe and he's a big teddy bear. He's a 53 pound 10 month old beast. I love him though. His name is Buddy!

Well, I have to go. Chloe is probably going to be up soon!
I'll blog tomorrow :D

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