Friday, March 9, 2012

It's one of those days...

Yep! It is. It's one of those days. The tittle of this says it all.

My child is a daemon today. All she wants is me. I can't put her down with out her screaming "MAMA". Anyone want her? I'll be taking the highest bid. She will come with her diaper bag (stocked full with diapers and wipes), food, toys, her sleeper, clothes and her crankiness. You can return her when she's happy. Just kidding!
I do need a break though. Ray is trying to calm her down...but that's not happening. Maybe she'll be a little more calm later tonight when we go to Ray's moms. She needs our company. Yesterday she woke up with like a numbing pain (I guess you would call it) and she couldn't move her arm and back (I believe). She went to the hospital and is on meds for it, so we're going to go over her house and help her out by mowing the lawn, help tidy up and having dinner with her. We were going to go on our usual double date night with our good friends Josh & Dominique, but his mom needs us to be with her tonight.

Today's been pretty boring. Nothing new, really. So this post will probably be the same, boring!

We woke up (at a decent time, 8:30!), I changed a diaper, we had breakfast, Ray took Buddy to the dog park, Ray folded laundry, Chloe and I played, we took my devil mother to the casino, we went to lunch, I bitched at some drivers on the way home since they don't know how to drive, I changed another diaper, we went back to the dog park, and now were home relaxing.
Fun day, huh!? Not really. We usally do go out "as a family" on days where we both are off (him from work me from cosmo school). Today was kind of a lazy day.

Ray's now lowering the beast's crib. She learned how to stand in in and that's a no no. She climbs and stands on everything and anything she can. I swear she's exactly like me when I was a baby. I think she's a daredevil, or tries to be one.

Were going to go look a cute little Maltese puppy later tonight. He's 6 months old and is SUPER cute!! Raymond has Buddy and now I want a little friend. Buddy is more of Ray's dog. I was excited about him at first, but he leans towards Ray more for playing, walking and everything else. So I want a puppy Chloe and I can take care of. Especially a small one, so Chloe can grow up with it and learn responsibility. I'm hoping we get to take the little guy home with us! If not, we'll keep looking.

Until next time, folks :)

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