Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What a beautiful day!

It's such a nice day today. 79 degrees in Arizona today :)
Chloe and I went for a nice long walk to Starbucks. She loves going on walks and being outside. We sat outside for a while and enjoyed the weather. She was getting a kick out of the beastly dog that was sitting at the table next to us. I was going to take her to the park to swing and play in the sand, but she started falling asleep on our way back home. She's passed out in her little rocker.

Buddy and I went to the dog park this morning. He loves the dog park. I am so glad we live right across the street from it. He makes new doggie friends all the time. Bruiser isn't old enough or big enough to even go outside. His little collar doesn't even fit him. So maybe in a few months I'll be able to take him to the dog park.

I can't believe that in 53 days I'll be a married woman. I'm so excited to become Mrs. McSorley. Time is flying by. Thank God that everything is all planned and I have nothing else to really worry about. The only things I have left on my list of things to do is get my hair extensions, shoes, nails done, shopping for the cruise and that's about it. My girlfriend from school is a pro makeup artist so she's going to be doing my makeup & the girls makeup. She does such an awesome job. I'm still debating on if I want to change up my hair color or not. Right now it's a redish brown with some black through it. Some of the girls from school want me to go back to blonde. I have like a week to decide what I'm going to do since I need to order my extensions. On March 25th I'll be going to my first dress fitting. I can't wait to see my dress again. It's perfect. Chloe is going to be my little flower girl. Her dress is so adorable. Ray's little brother, Connor is going to be our ring barer. I can't wait to see what our cake is going to come out to be. When we went to our cake appointment we tried over 20 different flavors of cakes and we designed it all ourselves. Were getting our cake from one of the top cake bakeries in AZ. My dads friend/co-worker is a pro photographer so he's going to be doing our pictures as a gift. My dad was picking out his song for the father daughter dance and he found the perfect one. Father and Daughter by Paul Simon. He was crying once he played it for me. My daddy is sad his little girl is growing up and getting married. He knows Raymond is perfect for me and he treats me so good. He knows Chloe and I are in good hands.

There is 61 days until our cruise! I'm super excited. My future in-laws booked us a cruise to Mexico for a week. They're also coming along with us. My parents are going to watch Chloe for that week. I told them they're more then welcome to come with us, but they said they'll stay home. I'll miss them and Chloe. But a vacation is much needed!

My dad, Ray, mom & myself are all thinking and talking about taking a trip back home to NH sometime in the Summer. I'm SUPER friken excited, to even think we may be going back home. My dad's thinking of possibly getting a beach house for a week or two. We're still throwing ideas around. Ray's never been to the east coast so he's pretty excited we might be going. I told him I'll be showing him around, everywhere! I miss everything and everyone back home. Especially my Nana. She's unable to travel and come to our wedding, so I'm pretty bummed about that and really want to see her. I miss the beach, trees, rain, non crazy drivers, everyone I know, my family, everything. Don't get me wrong, I love Arizona but if I ever have the chance to move back to NH, Id do it in a heartbeat. I really would. I miss it. I really do. Arizona is just not the same. It's like a whole different world here.

Anyways, I should go tend to my offspring. She sounds like she's getting into stuff in her bedroom. Uht-oh, she's probably making a mess.

Till next time, bloggers.

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  1. miss you. had no idea you were blogging, since i never look at mine anymore!(crappy computer). have a wonderful wedding, he seems perfect. chloe & Courtney McSorley sounds cute! shes a cutie. ali & Yogi