Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beauty School Drop-out.....

is NOT what I'll ever be!

I friken LOVE my school. Cosmetology is the best industry I could go into. I'm so happy with my career choice. The people I go to school with are just like me. I love my little cosmo family. All the girls in my class are like my sisters. They're all coming to my wedding and I'm super excited for that! 
People think that being a cosmetologist is so easy. It's really not. There is so much you need to know in order to pass your classes and be good at what you do. We incorporate math, science, chemistry, language and a few other subjects into our work. I believe it's one of the hardest but fun things I've ever done. I'm super proud of myself and I've never gotten below an 85 on anything I've done (& I've only gotten ONE 85 and that was on a test I never studied for). I'm putting my heart into this because in order to be successful in this industry you need to love what you do. If your heart isn't into it, then it's not the right place for you. I love making people look good and feel beautiful about themselves. I am going to be somebody in this industry, weather it takes 5, 10 or even 20 years of my life to do. I would love, love, love to be a platform artist for Paul Mitchell or be a hairstylist for fashion shows. I'm in love with everything I've done in school & out of school. I will make it and I will make my parents proud. I will own a high end salon one day. I will travel and branch out into other states. I promise you that. I will not stop and no one will stop me. I'm going to make something out of my life. I'm welcoming every single door to open and every single opportunity that comes my way. I'm proud of the work I've done so far. I will not stop my education, ever. I believe that even once you're out there in a salon you can always, and I mean always, open your mind to other techniques and learn much more then you already do. I will be taking advanced classes, often. I know I'll be making mistakes along the way (hell, I already have) but there is always so much room for growing. I'm very excited to see where this road leads me and where I end up in this industry. I love everything I do and this has been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. I'm finally fulfilling my dream (with some tweaks to the goals I had when I was younger) of being a cosmetologist.
I'm also thinking of going to nail tech school and maybe even esthetician school. I do know that I will be going to school for business so I can have the knowledge for owning my own salon and how to run a successful business. I had to change up my goals because I did have a baby at such a young age. I wanted to travel and work for a while, then start a family. But things have changed and that's okay with me. Change is always good. The road I'm traveling will take me somewhere. That somewhere could be anywhere. I know there will be bumps and maybe some forks in the road, but I will over come everything that is in my way (good or bad). I know I will. Life throws you curve balls sometimes and you need to just get threw them. 
I'm very happy where I am in life right now. Nothing and no one will get in my way or stop me from my goals. I want to make my daughter proud & I know I will.


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  1. ACK I need to get this attitude back. I felt the exact same way when I was at Toni and Guy, but I've been out of the industry for over a year since I graduated and I'm so scared I won't be able to get back into it completely.

    I'm glad you're loving this though! It truly is a wonderful industry with endless possibilities!