Sunday, June 12, 2011


I haven't blogged in so long! There is so much to say. So many thoughts. So much going on! Where to start....I might just bullet everything until I can actually sit down & wright an actual good blog post. So here I go...

*I had my daughter!
-Chloe Grace was born on May 26th, 2011. 9:27 AM (Arizona time). She was 6 pounds 2 ounces. 19 inches long. I had to have her at 36 weeks & 2 days. I was in labor for about 9 hours & only pushed for 15 minutes! She is currently 2 weeks & 2 days old right now. I will post pictures when I do an actual good blog post.

*I had my gallbladder removed the day after I had Chloe.
-It was SEVERELY clogged with gallstones & I was told if it went any longer like that it will burst & kill my daughter. That's why I was induced at 36 weeks & 2 days.

*My Grammy passed away the other day.
-My dad flew back to New Hampshire. My mom, Chloe & I stayed behind. I'm still recovering & just my dad going was over 800 bucks! I'm actually not really close with any of my dads side of the family. So I really hate to say it, I would of hung out with friends if I went. To be honest, everyone on his side are weirdos & they treat him like shit. It's not fair at all.

*We've been here for almost 6 weeks.
-It's getting hotter & hotter. I wish I could swim. But I can't for 4-8 weeks (from when I had my surgery on the 27th).

*I have pretty bad mastitis in my left breast.
-It's so painful. Chloe won't latch on so I've been pumping for her. I now have to give her formula & breast milk because I'm just not pumping enough for her. I feel so bad.

*Chloe was FINALLY approved for insurance!
-On Monday I will be calling a pediatrician for her to see. We had to go to a clinic when she was 6 days old for her to be checked out. It was nasty, the people were rude & they charged me 50 for the appointment & OVER 200 for blood work! I'm letting the insurance company know so I can get my money back!

*I miss the Crawford family more then anything!
-This family is amazing. They have helped me, gave me guidance, advice, support, comfort, love, everything you can ever think of. Moving away from them was the hardest thing. They are the only thing I miss about New Hampshire. Other then my mom's family. Ali is like a second mom to me. Every time I think about how much I miss them, I get all sad & teary eyed. She has helped me so much over the past 4 years. So has her husband Ricky. Her kids are like my brothers & sisters. We fight like siblings at time. I wish I was still around so Ali could help me with Chloe. She is an amazing women & they are just an amazing family. I love them so, so much. I'm hoping Chloe & I can take a trip up sometime in August to visit. This is Ali's blog by the way Crawford Life & Times!

Baby is crying. Sorry this was such a short post! It's feeding time.
I will TRY to post as soon as I can get a chance.


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  1. missing you & sad about the way things ended. you and i BOTH need to learn how to be more direct and ASSERTIVE, this was a good lesson in that. say what ya think(kindly) but say it! ive gotten much better about this. i hope the wedding is fabulous and your hair & nails are perfect LOL