Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's been about a week since I've blogged.
I was back in the hospital this past week. This stomach issue is getting to be to much. Once again, no answers. It's so frustrating! I just want to know what's wrong. Every doctor or specialist I see do the same thing, put me on pain medicine, liquid diet and then send me home after a week. No tests are done, no further action as to find out what's wrong. Nothing. I'm getting really sick of this. Obviously something is really wrong but no one has the brains to figure out what it is. I throw up everything, including just pure water. I am doubled over in sever pain that starts right below my breast bone, radiates to my back and all over my stomach. I'm usually screaming and crying in pain & all any doctor has ever done was put me on an IV with two morphine shots (yep, that's how bad the pain is) every 4 hours. I want answers. I'm starting to really hate every doctor I come into contact with.

Chloe turned TEN months old yesterday. I took my little lady on a nice shopping spree at Carter's. She's growing up so fast. It's very interesting and fun to watch someone grow up right before your eyes. She's also the spitting image of me. I was adopted, so I have no one in my family who looks like me. I do look exactly like my birth mom though. I found her a few months ago and we exchanged pictures. I found my birth dad too, all I have are his eyes & blonde hair. My birth mom's a red head. I'm not sure if I look like any of my 9 siblings. They're all over the US and I know nothing about any of them. But anyways....
Chloe is growing up way to fast. Next thing she'll be doing is asking me for the car keys to go out with friends.

Raymond and I are almost 100% done with all this wedding junk. We don't really have much left to do. We're hand making candles for one of our reception favors, I think were doing that next week. We need to do the seating & table chart for the reception. Finalize our food with the venue. Pay the last remaining balance (which is very small) on our cake. Finalize the music list with the DJ. Meet with the pastor who's marrying us. Get our wedding license. Purchase the gifts for the wedding party. My hair extensions are being done in a couple weeks. I'm going for one more dress fitting on April 27th. I need to do my test runs on my hair and makeup. & I think all that's left is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. I don't think I forgot anything.
We have 39 days to do all of this. Time is flying by! I wanna see you try planning a weeding in less then 6 months. It's stressful!

Well, I'm done blogging for now. I'll have more interesting things to talk about later. As for now, I'm going to make my little lady some breakfast.


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