Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So let me start off by saying, I love my soon to be hubby to death! I really do. He's an awesome man who loves my daughter and treats us right. Thats all you can ask for, right!?
Well what I don't love is some of his family. No one on his moms side (I actually love and get along with all of them), just his dads. They're all douche bags (the ones I don't like). Hey, my blog, I can speak my mind. You don't like it, tough! See the big red X at the right top of the it & be gone.

So a couple few days ago (okay, when ever the hell it was) I posted something on my facebook about wearing jeans to a wedding. It's trashy, I'm not a hillbilly, it's not a backyard wedding, laddy dee laddy dah. Well, his big mouth cousins (who I didn't really like from the beginning, but I guess since we are going to be "family" I have to like them) started posting on my update. I didn't mind it at first, people have their opinions so they can say what they please. I don't mind that. BUT once we get into the smart ass remarks and how "well people said my wedding was beautiful and everyone came in jeans and t-shirts" "so are you going to buy us a nice outfit to wear then" type comments, then the bitch in me came out. & posting pictures with captions like "oh I love my family wearing jeans to my wedding" (or something like that) Like really!? Have respect people & stop being rude.....the bridezilla is about to burst out of me! It's a wedding, not a trashy carnival. Even though my invite says nothing about "formal" attire common sense says "dress half decent". That was a short verson of what I had to say, I just needed to vent. If it doesn't make sense to you, I'm does to me.
Let's just say, the ones who did reply and say they are coming, are being uninvited :)
Bitch move, eh, who cares. It's my wedding. Less money to be spent. Ray can be the one who can uninvited them...hehehe.

But any ways....
I'm very excited that May 5th is right around the corner! We're getting married on my parents anniversary, his parents anniversary & my nana's birthday. Weird, right!? We have mostly everything we need. Flowers, cake, dress, tux, bridesmaid dresses, the groomsmen tux's, everything besides our marriage license. 
Our honey moon isn't going to be right away, it's actually going to be the week after (or two?) were going on a cruise may 14-18. I can't wait!

My little beast is crying. I'll blog tomorrow. See ya bloggers :)

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