Friday, April 20, 2012

Laptop Problems!....

Wondering where I've been? Well my laptop took a nice long shit for a few weeks.
I'm super sick of my laptop crashing and having tons of problems. It's a pain in my ass! I finally had the major heat problem fixed with it and hopefully (crossing my fingers) nothing else goes wrong with it.

Chloe is doing fantastic! She's growing like a little weed, talking up a storm and going to walk all by herself any day now. Just an update on some of the words she says (at 10 months old): Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Poop, Dog, Hi, Bye, No & Ya. I've probably missed a few. She knows animal sounds too, thanks to my Dad teaching them to her! You say "What does the cow say?" and she'll go "Moooo". Her favorite is the sheep, she'll go "ahhhhhhhhh" instead of "bahhhh". She's too funny. Chloe also knows how to whisper now. You say "Chloe, lets whisper" (in a whisper tone) and she'll make all her noises in a whisper until she notices you talking regularly. She has been off baby food and 100% on "big girl" food. Except her morning and night time bub's with her formula. The rest of the day is what ever I eat and water or VERY watered down apple juice. Some of her favorite foods are: banana, toast with grape jelly, eggs, potatoes, PICKLES (she's obsessed!!!!!!!), tomatoes, hamburger, chicken (grilled or a tad spicy), cheerios, pasta with a light sauce or pesto. The list goes on and on. Her pedi said it's 1000000% fine for her to eat anything and everything (besides nuts) she wants. She is an awesome eater!
Earlier (well right before I decided to post when I came home from school) I was looking at all of Chloe's baby, baby pictures. She was so tiny. I miss her being 5 pounds. My little lady is going to be one in a little over a month. Where has the time gone!? I miss her being super small, but I love how she's growing and learning so much. Her first birthday is already all planned out! I have Saturday the 26th of May (her birthday!!!!!) off from school since it's an "in service day" so we're going to spend the day at the zoo! She loves animals, especially all the goats and ones you can pet and interact with in the little kids petting zoo area. I know she'll enjoy it. Every time we go to the zoo (which is a lot since we get free passes from the library, saving us 60 bucks each time we want to go) she has a blast. She's always so wide eyed and smiling. She's a very alert and curious little girl. She stays very focused and interested in a lot of stuff. Which is surprising to me since she's only 10 months old. She is very, very smart and a very fast learner. I can't wait to get her into preschool so she can learn more and have little friends.
We've been going to the pool a lot lately and she found out (the first time she's been swimming since she was about 3/4 months old) that if she kicks her legs a certain way, her boat float will move her around the pool. She's very independent and loves figuring things out on her own. If I try to hep her or show her how to play with a toy or do something, she gets mad at me. I love watching her play and "talk" to her toys. She's in her own little world chit chatting with her blocks or anything for that matter that she's playing with. When we go to the park she loves exploring and crawling around in the sand. She figured out how to climb onto and up the slide. It's very funny to watch. More and more, she's becoming the spitting image and way I was as a child. Even though I was very behind as a baby due to all my mental and physical abuse, my parents keep saying Chloe is the exact same way I was at around 11-12 months old. She's also is IDENTICAL to me as a baby! I don't have many baby pictures of myself (well a couple I stole out of my parents file cabinet when I was searching for my birth mom and dad). I have a couple of me as a newborn then the rest of my pictures are from about 10 months old (maybe 11) and up. Chloe is identical to me. Especially the newborn pictures. She looked Mexican and so did I. I can't wait to see her grow up. I love my smart little lady.

Ray and I have been getting ready and finishing up last minuet things for the wedding. TWO weeks. AHHHHH! Time is going by so fast.

Oh crap, it's midnight. I'm going to hit the hay. We have a lot to do in the morning. We're getting our marriage license and meeting with our wedding coordinator so we can go over final details and give her a check for our venue.

I'm going to try to blog tomorrow. I have a lot to say, get off my chest, venting, bitching, yelling, happy thoughts and updates to type up! If I don't blog tomorrow, I will for sure Saturday once I'm out of school. Ah, shit, maybe not until late Saturday night. I get out of school at one and have my wedding shower at four. So I guess I'll be blogging when I get some free time. These next few weeks are going to be very busy!

Nighty night bloggers!

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