Thursday, March 31, 2011



I am so stressed out it's not even funny! So you know how I've been talking about the move to Arizona thing. Yeah, well my dad found out yesterday that he needs to get a credit check by this company before he gets the job. They already told him he had the job....until this came up. I am so stressed because my dad has shitty credit. Hello, foreclosed house says it all. He passed the drug test & the crimnal backround check. Then BAHM they hit him with a "oh you have to be checked for credit" thing now. Is this even legal? Could they do this? His offer letter says NOTHING about doing a credit check. There are tons of Indians working for this company who are over seas, did they do all this for them? DOUBT IT! This company feels that if an employee has bad credit they will be a bad worker. MY DAD WORKED FOR YOU GUYS FOR 12 DAMN YEARS THEN WAS LAID OFF 3 YEARS AGO! Of course he's a good employee. My dad's head is spinning right now. I just feel so bad for him. I have a huge headache from all this. My dad's situation, my pregnancy insurance situation, my mom being sick again...oh yeah didn't tell you about that one did I!?
So my dad finally told my uncle today how he won't know for sure until Monday or Tuesday next week if we're going to Arizona now. Well my uncle went mental! We're renting this house out from my uncle and my dad of course had to tell him we're leaving. Now, we might not be. Ughhhh! So stressful! My dad already found a place to live in AZ, put a hold on a moving truck, spent tons of money on apartment application fees for a new place in AZ. OH AND THE BEST PART IS.....HE PUT IN HIS TWO WEEKS FOR THE COMPANY HE IS WORKING FOR NOW! Gahhhhh! I'm PRAYING if the whole AZ thing doesn't work out the company he is working for now will just forget about the whole two week thing and let my dad keep his job. He can't afford to go with out one. He finally has a job again and everything is (or should I say was) going great for him....until yesterday! I feel so bad for him. The whole family already knows were moving, we started packing, everything is all set in stone....besides his job now. I just want to cry.
I have no insurance any more & I'm 7 months pregnant. So all my doctor appointments are being paid out of pocket until we leave & so are my prenatil pills. So I'm hoping my dad will know asap about this job because I need to do something about! I have one more doctors appointment up here on April 13. That appointment alone is going to be over 200 bucks. Plus I got a bill in the mail for my blood work // glucose test I had a couple weeks ago. 60 bucks. My prenatils cost 15 yesterday when I went & picked them up. I can't take over the counter prenatils because the ones I'm taking are special ones with extra stuff in them because of all my severe constipation probles I have.
Ugghhhh, I'm just so stressed. Some one please just send us some good news for once! PLEASE! Is that so hard to ask!? Just something good to happen for once.

So about my mom. I'll shorten it all up because everything is just to long to explain. A few years ago she had her right leg amputated, she has tons of medial problems, over 16 major surgeries, half deff, wheel chair bound, no feeling in her hands at all, very bad diabetes, almost no circulation in her body, in & out of Mass General hospital for the past 6 years, vascular problems, wound vacs on her huge open wounds from surgeries, iv's all the time, on tons of meds, hard of hearing, strokes, heart attacks, heart problems, need I say more!? You get the jist of it...right!? She has been through hell & back.
So she always has problems with her amputated leg because of circulation problems. Well a couple weeks ago she noticed a red blotch I guess you can call it on the stump of her leg. She didn't think anything of it. Well it was getting worse over the past week // week & a half. Finally went to the vascualr // amputation dr and they told her not to wear her fake leg. They thought it was causing just a little heat rash or something. Well then a hole opened up on her leg. My dad took her into Mass General (as usual). They are the only hospital with the right doctors and equipment to help my mom out. So they decided to keep her, run tests, basically trying to figure out what is wrong with her. She had a cat scan done and it came out negitive. The doctors really don't know what is wrong. They put her on tons of iv's and antibiotics for this weird infection. The infection kind of went away, then they discharged her. So she is home now, on antibiotics and meds to help heal this infection. So yeah, that's what's going on with her.

I need a brownie! & a nap!!


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