Wednesday, March 30, 2011



For the past few days I've been packing, cleaning, doing laundry, more packing & oh yeah, MORE PACKING! I scored a whole bunch of boxes from Target & tomorrow I have to go to K-Mart and get all their shipment boxes they are holding for me. Thank God I use to work at Target & know for a fact they do nothing with their boxes besides crush them. The girl who I spoke to at the Target near me was trying to tell me they rip the boxes up & blah blah blah. Well I gave her a piece of my mind when she was arguing with me over how they don't even keep them. Finally I asked for the MOD & funny thing is, the MOD at the Target near me use to be my old manager at the Target I worked at. So he knew who I was and helped me out so much!
My little pooch, Charlie, seems to think he can help pack. He constantly tries to get in the boxes and when there is nothing in a box he jumps in it and lays down. I'm pretty sure he knows what's going on. He's a smart little fella. I keep talking to him & telling him how we're moving to a nice warm place & he gets to ride in the moving truck for 5 longgg days. He looks at me like I'm crazy when I talk to him. Ha, Oh well!
With each day that passes I'm getting more & more excited to move. My dad has to leave with the moving truck on April 22, so my mom & I are probably going to stay at a family members house for a week or so just until my dad has everything settled in our new place. The drive is going to be about 4-5 days & he starts his new job on May 2. So I'm hoping he makes it there on time. My birthday is on May 2, so I kind of want to stay here to spend that time with my family but I'll be pushing the cut off time to fly. My mom & I are flying down on a Southwest flight and I was told that I would be needing a doctors note saying I'm allowed to fly and S.W won't let you fly if you're over 33 weeks. I'll be I believe 33 or 34 weeks around my birthday.
Once I get down to Arizona I'll have so much to do before Chloe is here. I'll have to get insurance, set up her room, find a new doctor, get familar with the area around me, take a tour of the hospital, etc. It's all stressing me out, but I know everything will work out...I hope. As of right now I no longer have insurance so I have to pay out of pocket for my prenatil pills and my last doctors appointment I'm going to have on April 13. I'm hoping I can get approved quickly for Arizona state insurance once I apply. The lady who I spoke to that works for AHCCCS (the insurance) said I'll be approved with in 23 days but I can back date the insurance if I have an appointment before I get approved. I'm nervous to get a new doctor and a new hospital because I'm so confortable with the doctors I'm seeing now & I love the hospital up here. I'm happy that this is a fresh new start and there will be warm weather, a pool, tons of shopping places, resturants, different enviornment, just how it's going to be a different experiance. Just everything will be new and it's kind of exciting. I personally hate New Englad, the weather, the people, the time changes, everything up here. LOL! I am going to miss family & friends, but I will be coming back up here after Chloe is born so everyone can meet her & so I can spend time with family and hang out with my friends.
I'm dreading un-packing once I get down there. I get so tired as it is now trying to pack things. I'm dreading setting everything up & organizing my room & Chloe's. I am happy I get my own bathroom and I won't have to share a room with Chloe. If we were staying up here we would be in the same room. She will be in her bassinet for a couple months which is going to be in my room, but once I feel more comfortable with her sleeping alone I'll put her in her crib in her room. I'm just glad she gets her own room and my room wont hve to have all my furniture plus hers.

I told myself I'll only sit & blog for about 10 mins...I think I went over my relaxation time. LOL. Time to go do more packing & laundry!

Until next time bloggers :D


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