Monday, April 18, 2011


*31 weeks pregnant today & the start of my 8th month!

*My laptop is now a huge paper weight & I'm currently using my dad's computer.

*Packing, packing, packing!

*We found out the OFFICIAL answer on my dads job & we have one week to pack & move to Arizona.

*My dad is leaving this Saturday (the 23rd) with the moving truck...ALL BY HIMSELF! (very nervous about that)

*My mom & I will be staying at my Aunts house (hopefully) until my dad gets to Arizona.

*Drive with the moving truck will take about 5 days.

*May 2 is my birthday (19!) & I believe that will be the day my mom & I will be on a plane to Arizona. Also that is the new start date of my dad's job.

*I'll be 33 weeks pregnant the day we take flight (!) about a 5 hour flight. For sure bringing a crap load of food in my carry on bag!

*Very tired from packing, and packing...OH & packing!

*Chloe's dad is a pain in the ass & I am SOOO happy I will be moving across the country far, far, FARRRR away from him. (that story is for a whole new post sometime in the near future!)

*I will miss family & friends---especially Ali Crawford & her huge family.

*Hopefully we will be taking a trip back up to New Hampshire sometime after the baby is born. Keeping my fingers crossed for Late summer and / or Christmas time. Hoping money will not be an issue then. Really want to come up before Christmas because aorund Christmas time Chloe will be 6 months & I really want her to meet family & friends before she is that old.

*I am scared about having no insurance right when we get to Arizona & no doctor. I hope I can get insurance VERY fast & find a doctor asap.

*My last weeks OB appointment went very good & the DR thinks this baby will be leaving the womb early. She has been head down for over 2 weeks & she keeps pushing down, further & further and basically is about 5 pounds & has no room to grow. So she is a big baby! I personally think I am further along then told, but the DR's will not give me another ultrasound. Praying I get one once I find a new OB in Arizona.

*New OB appointment this Wednesday because now I go every 2 weeks, but will be missing my next weeks appointment so it had to be changed to this week.

*My poor dog, Charlie, has a poop infection & has been sick for almost 2 weeks. He is on  an all rice & chicken diet and on meds that are now making him constipated & in more pain. He has a vet appointment this Thursday to find out what is going on with him.

*I get a new phone upgrade tomorrow! YAY! Hopefully I can get another iphone & my dad can have his phone back. My old phone (phone number like 8 from at&t) broke a few weeks ago, so my dad gave me his to use & he has a cheap p.o.s phone until I get a new one.

*Very mad my tax check in NOT in yet. GRRRR! I want my 100 bucks NOW!

*I have really bad heartburn right now, just thought I'd add that in here :)

*Nothing else really to update you about, so for now I will be going. I'll probably be posting again once I am all settled in Arizona. Or maybe when I'm at my Aunts house next week....if I can get on her computer. Bye :)

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