Saturday, March 26, 2011


So long since I've blogged! There is so much to talk about, hmm....where to start!?

I'm currently 27 weeks & 5 days pregnant. Only 86 days to go until my due date. Thank God! Chloe is doing great & she thinks she's a little kick boxer. She is so active at night and loves when I eat. She thinks it's fun to head butt my right rib all the time. I love watching her move around and her little feet kicking me. I also think she thinks she is a cast member on the Jersey Shore....she likes to fist pump in my stomach when Lady Gaga is playing. She has the best personality already. I'm so excited to met her. I'm still praying this little girl has hair!!! She has tons of hair clips already and I'm praying she has atleast a few little hair wispies to hold a clip in.
I had my baby shower this past Saturday & it was a lot of fun (I'll explaine whey I had it so early after I wright about the shower.). The cake Just saying! LOL. I had about 30 people come to the shower. I wanted it to be small with just family and a few friends. The food was really good. The people who worked at the restaurant / function hall were so nice. They helped out with alot of the setting up and catered to everything I needed.
I got tons and tons of gifts for Chloe. The only thing I need to get for her now is a white dresser. She has an all white crib, bassinet and changing table, so I want everything to match for her room. It's going to be pink & white. I really hope she likes pink! I'm so excited to have everything set up for her and get her room all ready. I'm still debating on if I want to paint her room a light pink color or keep it white. I'm not to sure yet.

I had my shower so early because around April 22 I will be moving half way across the country to Arizona. All my family and friends are in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, so I wanted to have my shower before I moved. My dad got a really great job offer from the company he use to work for a few years ago and the job requiers him to work from the office in Arizona. He use to work from home (& does now) but since he's going to be at a pretty high position in the company he has to be in office. I'm so excited to move. I'm also nervous at the same time. I'll be around 33-34 weeks pregnant. My dad starts the job on May 2 (my birthday!). He needs to drive the moving truck down with a car dollie for the car and my mom & I are going to fly down once he is there & has everything all set up...well kind of set up. I'm so nervous to fly! I believe it's about an 8 hour flight. We'll be flying out of either Manchester NH or Boston Mass. I'm hoping my dad gets us a flight with a stop in the middle because I know I couldn't handel going that long with out walking around and eating some food other then chips and junk that will be going in my carry on bag. I'm also hoping that before we leave the whole family can get together so we can say bye and have dinner or something together.
I know that after Chloe is born her & I will be taking a trip back up here for a week or two to see the family, friends and to get her baptised. Her God mother & father are up here and I want to have her baptised at the church that my aunt & her God mother are very involved with. The priest is very nice and he is more then welcome to baptise Chloe. I'm not sure if my dad or mom will be coming up with me when I come back up here, if not I'll be fine with her. I'm going to talk to my Aunty Nicole & Uncle Jeff about staying with them when I come back up here for a week or two. I just want everyone to met her, especially my Nana & Grammy. They both arn't doing to good. So I want them to see her. I also want tons of pictures with her & the family.

I started talking to my ex again. There is a picture of him & I in one of my very first blog posts. We were together for about 3 years off & on. Technically 2 if you put it all together with out us breaking up. March 16th this year would of been our I believe 3 year anniversary. We got together the other day, sat down and had a very long talk about everything. He has changed alot for the better. I'm glad he is doing good in his life & I'm proud of him for being on the right track in life (for once). I love him and always will & he feels the same. If I wasn't moving I'm sure we would try working on things and try everything all over again. But considering I'm moving we're just going to stay friends. I'm hoping that eventually over time if we're really meant to be with each other it will happen. For some reason we always end up back in each others lives one way or another. I'll always keep in contact with him no matter what. Hopefully he can come down to Arizona for a visit once everything is all settled in. I'm honestly going to miss him so much once I'm gone.

My cake!
Done by Carinas Cakes in Derry NH
Chocolate cake
with Chocolate ganashe filling
with raspberries & preserves

26 weeks & 5 days
at my baby shower

My cousin Kayla & I
she keeps telling me to take the baby out of my tummy!

Opening a gift
(there are over 200 pictures from the shower, so I'm just going to post a few)

She is like my sister.
My parents were going to adopt her about 5 years ago, but things became very complicated in the adoption process so it didn't work out. But she will always be a sister to me. She is now 22 and has two kids of her own. A little girl and a baby boy.

My poor swolen sausage toes & ankles!

Pictures were taken by Allison Crawford

This is my 27 week belly picture
Taken Monday. Chloe is getting so big in my tummy.

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