Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Is a very healthy baby! I had another ultrasound on February 7th and she is doing great. She measured out at almost 12 inches from head to toe. She weighs over a pound. The ultrasound tech measured her foot and holy cow is it huge! It's almost an inch and a half. She is going to be one tall baby. The doctors and I thought I was further along in my pregnancy by a week or two, but nope. She is just going to be a tall baby. Hopefully not a huge baby. Like the 13 pound baby born in Massachusetts last week (God bless that poor woman's vagina...she did it all natural). My due date did change by a day so now instead of June 21st it's June 20th. I like June 21st better because it's the first day of summer. So I'm sticking with that due date :). During my ultrasound I received 19 pictures and a disk with 20 more pictures and 5 videos of the ultrasound. I have one more ultrasound when I am in my third trimester and that will be scheduled when I'm 26 weeks along. Then of course I'll have the ultrasound right before she is due to arrive to make sure everything is looking good with her and to get her exact weight and all that.
I have my monthly check up on the 15th of this month. When I went to my new doctor she did a thyroid test and that was an abnormal test. So I have to go for blood work again in a couple more weeks to see if anything changed.

She is looking right at you!

Yep, she is a girl!

Chloe's HUGE inch and a half foot

Her profile
She loved having her arm over her head &
her leg was bent with her knee on her chest

Video of Chloe
Her tongue is moving a lot & her mouth is opening and closing
Also, you can see her heart beat
t was 146 bpm

Video number two!
Moving her arm around
She is a VERY active baby

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