Monday, May 28, 2012


There's a ton to talk about!

So I'm officially a married woman. It's been almost a month. I'm still not use to my new last name. Our wedding was fun. A lot of people came (I hardly knew any of them since only a few people from our family came due to work schedules). The DJ played awesome dance music. My best friend was my maid of honor. She was my night in shining pink dress every time I needed to pee, lip gloss re-touch, or to vent too on how much I hate some of Raymond's family every time they walked by us. Chloe was our flower girl. She was too cute the whole night. I was so happy that my cousin could be in the wedding. I love my family for taking time out to come to Arizona for our wedding weekend. My girls from school came and we all had a blast together. Overall, it was a good time.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow!

Our honeymoon cruise was AMAZING! We had so, so soooooo much fun. I'll also post pictures of that.

Chloe is ONE. Can you believe it? I sure as hell know I don't. Her birthday was on Saturday (May 26th). She had an awesome birthday party. It was a pink zebra party. She had fun and loved eating cake. It's so sad knowing that she is growing up. I want her to stay little for ever. I wish she would. She's almost walking, she talks now, drinks out of a sippy, has the funniest personality, ugh, this makes me sad thinking about her growing up and doing even more then she does now.
I'll post pictures of her zebra-riffic party.

Hmm, what else to quickly update about....?

Oh, I'm going to be taking on two schools at once. I'll be doing day classes for CNA and continuing my night classes for cosmetology. I'm officially on the salon floor now working on clients. I can't wait to be graduated. March can't come fast enough.

Ray and I are house hunting. We're hoping that by Thanksgiving time we're in our own house. We've been doing some looking around and have found a few we really like. I can't wait to have a yard, that's all I want, is a yard. I want to get a play set for Chloe and have a garden. I really want a garden. Is that so hard to ask for!? I don't think so. Ray wan't to make sure we have a 3 bed room so he can have his mancave. Or at least a garage for his mancave. I told him that was fine as long as I can decorate the house. Hello zebra print!

I need to finish laundry, yep at 11 at night I'm still doing laundry. So I'll blog tomorrow.

Tootles bloggers :)

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