Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just a little vent....

I'm going to just get it all the fuck out. Shits been building up for a long ass time. If you're reading it and don't like it or have a problem with what I'm saying, you're more then welcome to hit that little red x at the top right of the screen ;) I don't even know where to start, but here it goes....

1) People need to stop getting fucking ass hurt over uhhh nothing. Nothing at all. Just get the fuck over it. There's a lot of shit I'd like to fucking say but I hold shit back when I talk to certain people. Maybe I should just be as blunt as possible for now on. If I hurt your feelings, that's nice, get over it :) The bitch switch is officially on mother fuckers.
2) I married my husband, for him. Not for his family. I'll be honest, if I were to marry him for his family we wouldn't be fucking married. Theres only a handful of people I actually like in his family.
3) Don't fucking tell me how to raise my kid or how to parent. I'm pretty sure my child is fine the way she is. Just because "you're a nurse" or know "everything about kids" doesn't mean you can fucking tell me how to be a mom to mine. Last I checked she's perfectly fucking fine, healthy and living. I don't give a rats ass about your opinion and don't give two shits about how you raise your kid. So, I let my kid run around fucking naked in the privacy of our own home, who the fuck cares? It's not your God damn carpet she's pissing on, right? My kid is still on a bottle at age 13 months, who the fuck cares. She's more then welcome to be on that shit until she's 4 for all I care. You can try to tell me how to raise my kid, but it's all going threw one ear and out the other. Mind your own, okay?! Last time I checked, which was now, you haven't earned the mother of the fucking year award, have you?! Nope, you haven't.
4) I'd really like to just punch some people in their throat to make them just shut the fuck up sometimes. There's obviously a reason why I don't talk to you. Maybe you should take a hint when I give you one word answers or I just ignore you completely.
5) STUPIDER ISN'T A FUCKING WORD. Learn proper fucking English people. It's "more stupid". I just had to get that out there ;)
6) People really drive me nuts. As you can tell from this post. I can't fucking wait to take my 10 day vacation to NH. Wednesday can't come fast enough. I need to socialize with people who have a brain, are sane, aren't trashy and who won't give a shit how I am.
7) I'm so sick of trying to put on an act to "impress" people. It's not even about impressing them. It's the fact that I can't be myself around certain people or all hell will break loose. If you don't like who I really am, then tough shit. I'm not here on this earth to make you satisfied. Last time I checked it doesn't rain fucking lollipops and gum drops.
8) I can't fucking stand Arizona. Holy shit it's so damn hot here. I feel like an egg on a frying pan when I walk outside. I can't wait to move back to NH. I'm moving no matter what, my husband can either come with me or not.
9) The word fuck was invented for a reason. Yeah I use it a lot. It's pretty much stuck in my vocabulary.
10) My Facebook is MINE. Don't like what I say on it, tough shit. There's an unfriend button for a reason. Why don't you just click that little sucker and move on with your life. I'm pretty sure I can post what I want, when I want.
11) My iPad is the fucking shit. I had to put it out there. This little thing is the shit. I recommend everyone gets one.

Okay, vent is done. It feels so good to get shit off my shoulders. There will be plenty more to come. Now I need to give my living room some TLC. See ya ;)

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