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My due date has changed! Chloe is now due on June 11th & not the 20th anymore. Which puts me at 33 weeks & 2 days today. I had an ultrasound on Thursday and this baby is HUGE! She measured out at a little bit over 18 inches in length and a tad bit over 5 & a half pounds. She is still fully head down and still expected to come early because of her huge size and because of how far down she is.
I already have a new doctor in Arizona. My first appointment is on May 5th at 1:30. This new office has all girls that work there, thank God! They will also do a 3D/4D ultrasound for me, free with insurance! My dad is going to try and get me on his work insurance, if not I will have to apply for state insurance.


My dad has literally the WORST luck when it comes to moving! He picked up the moving truck Friday afternoon. Saturday was down poring freezing rain! Two of my uncles came over to help my dad the rain. Wellllllll, my dad got a way to small of a moving truck. Yep, we had to leave things behind because a 16 foot truck was NOT big enough. Saturday morning my mom & I left the house around 9 in the morning with the car to come down to my nana's house for the day. My dad was going to just meet us here when he was done with the moving truck. Well around 3-3:30 I called my dad to see how things were going and I had to drive over an hour back to the house so he can stuff the car with as much as possible. My uncle also had his car stuffed with a ton of baby things. It was a big, huge mess! My dad finally got things to fit in the car...from the house, this is not including everything my uncle had in his car. Then it came time to put the car onto the tow dolly. Do you think that was an easy task? NOPE! Over an hour later, my dad finally got the damn thing to work. So I rode to my nana's house with him & my dog in the moving truck. SO NOT COMFORTABLE! My ass was killing by the time we made it to my nana's.
So we get to my nana's around 9:30 at night....FINALLY. Well remember how I said my uncles car was stuffed full with baby things!? My dads Jeep had to be emptied out to rearrange everything so everything will fit. That took about another hour, maybe 45 minutes. I had to sacrafice my TV for baby things to fit in the Jeep & things that my dad needed had to be left behind. My dad said he will buy me a new TV one when we get to Arizona. YAY! I want one of the cute like 20 something inch flat screens that go on the wall.
The next morning (Sunday, yesterday) my dad left around 6:30 in the morning with Charlie (dog) & the moving truck. I am SOOO nervous for him doing this long drive by himself. He claims he will be fine because he has Charlie....uhm, a dog is NO help driving to the other side of the country. That is just my opinion! He called me around 3 (take or leave about 30 minuets) to let me know things were fine and he made it into New York. His goal for testerday was to be in Ohio. He pretty much made it there by 7 at night, I think he was like an hour away from there. Today he will call me around lunch tim to let me know how things are going, and also when he gets to a hotel tonight. I'm still very, very, very, very, very, VERY scared something is going to happen. PRAYERS PLEASE!
OHHHHH! Best part of the dad hit the house with the moving truck. UGH! Roof and side panaling damadge. Wait until my uncle see's that shit. He is going to FLIP! My dad isn't going to tell him until he is back from his vacation in Hawaii. *Note my uncle was the one renting us the house in Maine. The rich one, who is a relisate agent, who has tons of money, and properties, who is up my dads ass about the rent money for this month. Sory but my dad is fucking broke and hardly has the money for this move, you will get your damn money like he told you (sorry, i get mad when I talk about him). For the record my dad ALWAYS pays people back the money he ows or borrows. Just saying.


My dad spoke with my mom yesterday when he called around 3 (ish). Wellllll, come to find out someone stole his credit card numbers and there is around 700 bucks missing from his account. This whole move in totoal is costing over 5 grand to beging with. My dad only had about 5 grand (not even) for the move. Money was VERY tight to beging with...and now it's even tighter. Not even tighter, he is basically BROKE and has no clue what he is going to do for food, hotels and gas. I feel so bad for him. Why does this shit always happen to him!? I wish someone would just help him out for once. But nope, all his side of the family won't help him at all. AND THEY ALL HAVE MONEY! My moms side of the family can't because they just don't have it to help him with. But if they did, her family would help as much as possible. Did I mention before how my dad's new job won't pay for this move...not sure if I have or not, so I'm adding that part in here right now.


Can you tell I'm stressed for him & about everything going on!? Well if you can't....I'M STRESSED BEYOND BELIEFE! Just saying. May 3rd my mom & I are flying to AZ. We have a direct flight at 3:35. A 5 hour & 50 minute flight. NOT excited for this. I hate planes, I hate flying, I hate sitting for long periods, I'm going to be 34 weeks pregnant, I have bad gas now (I'll feel bad for the guy sitting next to me, hehehehe), I'll be hungry, cranky, you name it, I'll be it.
This week my mom & I are staying in Salem at my nana's / aunts house. My aunt has one of the houses with an inlaw apartment. We sleep at my aunts house & hang out at my nana's for the day. Well, I go back & forth between the two. My nana is a chain smoker, like SOOOO badly her walls are YELLOW! Yeah, nasty. All my clothes smell, I can hardly breath when I'm over here, she never opens the windows or door, she keeps the heat on like 70 all day. I CAN'T STAND IT! So I sometimes hang out at my aunts when I start to get dizy or can't breath anymore. My little cousin Kayla, who is almost 3, is the cutest thing in the world. So I don't mind hanging out at my aunts house. My uncle & I get along pretty good, so that's also a plus.
Easter was alright. Nothing to special. Family came over to my aunts house. we ate ham, had dessert, chatted, the usual. Every family holiday is spent with my moms side of the family besides Christmas Eve. My mom & I don't really like many of the people on my dads side...only a select few.
My birthday is next Monday (the 2nd!). I'm trying to get all of my moms family together one last time before we leave for dinner. My nana's birthday is May 5th & so is my mom and dads anniversary, so I want to have everything all in one dinner. I don't really even care it's my birthday, I just want the family to get together one last time!
OHHHH! I have a new love in my life! My new Blackberry Torch. It's my 3rd baby (Chloe, Charlie & now my Blackberry). I should name it! HA! I am in love with it. It is still hard to figure out because it didn't come with any direction booklet, just a quick start guide thing. But I have a whole week of doing nothing, so I'll just play around with it to figure it out.
Chloe has the hickups right now! Ha, she is so cute. Well, besides her foot in my rib. She gets so mad when I try to move her. She gives me one swift kick & punch when I do.

Well I guess that's all the news updates I have for now. I'm sure I'll be blogging again more this week & keep updating on my dad & everything going on.

Courtney <3

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