Friday, January 28, 2011

IT'S A.....


Chloe Grace is her name. I am so excited that I am having a little baby girl. I found out about 2 weeks early what I was having because I was hospitalized last Thursday for almost a whole week.
I was having really bad stomach pains under my right rib late Tuesday night. I figured it had something to do with the pregnancy, so I just blew it off and didn't think anything was wrong. Wednesday I had my monthly OB appointment and I let my OB know I was having some pain under my right rib and in my back on the right side. She thought it had something to do with my sleeping position. So once again, we didn't think anything bad was going on in my stomach. Well, on Thursday I was doubled over in pain and I couldn't even hold down a sip of water! Off to the ER it a HUGE snow storm if I may add.
I get to the ER and I'm of course the only one there, so I was seen right away by a nurse and a Dr. I explained what was going on and how I was pregnant, so blood was drawn and I had to also give a urine sample. All my blood tests came back perfectly fine besides my white blood count test. That was a little high. When your pregnant your white blood count is higher then a non pregnant person to begin with, but mine was even higher. So the Dr's knew something was wrong. The Dr thought it might have something to do with my kidney or gallbladder. So I had an ultrasound done to see if anything abnormal was going on. Nothing! Completely normal. The Dr then thought it might have something to do with my appendix. But considering I'm pregnant they x ray tech wouldn't do an x ray on me. So I was sent home with some pain pills for the pain. Big damn whoop! They did nothing for me and I was STILL in severe pain and STILL throwing up anything and everything. I was very dehydrated and by this point I had nothing to eat or drink at all since Wednesday morning. My discharge papers said to come back the next morning if I was still in pain and couldn't hold anything, I went back to the ER. I was immediatly given an IV because I was so pale and very dehydrated. I was finally admitted to the maternity unit to be watched and rehydrated. More tests were done and nothing was found, again. By this point the Dr's were worried and confused on what was going on. Sunday I was discharged and I was told to drink alot of water and  get tons of rest. The pain still wasnt gone and I was no better then day one. I had a follow up appointment on Monday with my OB. I walked into her office and immediatly she sent me back to the hospital because I was on the virge of passing out. Same things went on, tests, everything looked good, throwing up and not holding down anything. No one had a clue what was wrong with me. By this point, the pain had left my right side and travled to my left side under my rib.
My OB wanted me to have an ultrasound to make sure everything with the baby was fine, and I found out I was having a little girl & she was perfectly alright! I was discharged on Wednesday because the Drs couldn't find out what the problem was. Finally last night I felt like I could eat for the first time in almost a week. So I had some tuna and crackers. I finally held it down! No more pain, no more anything! I am so happy I am pain free and I can eat normal food now. Water never tasted so good to me! LOL.
This was the weirdest thing that has ever happend to me. The stomach flu was ruled out, kindney infection, gallbladder and appendix was ruled out also. The Dr's thought it had something to do with being very ocnstipated, but I kept going to the bathroom, so it had nothing to do with that.
All I know is, I am very happy that nothing is wrong with Chloe and this pain is finally gone. I am so happy to be moving on with a normal pregnancy now. In 4 months (and some change) I'll be meeting my daughter and seeing her beautiful face!

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