Thursday, January 6, 2011

32 MORE DAYS....


16 weeks & 2 days (4 1/2 months) // Day 100 // 166 days to go!

yep, that's my huge belly at 16 weeks exact

I am so excited! February 7th can't come fast enough. I am counting down the days. I just hope my little one cooperates when I have my ultrasound! I will be so upset if he/she doesn't spread eagle! I also can't wait to go shopping for clothes that are other colors but neutral. And to update my baby registry so I can add boy things or girl things.
I've been feeling little kicks here and there and the baby moving around sometimes. I know I wont feel full on movements and kicks (really strong ones) for another few days up to a couple more weeks, but I'm patient.
So I did some of those old wives tales & gender predictors and every single one that I have done is saying I'm having a little  boy. Some old wives tales I've been reading up on are: If you're really cold during your pregnancy it is a boy. Well, i feel like an ice box, even with a space heater in my room on full blast! I am also carrying low, and was told (and read about it) that I am having a boy. I'm also craving a lot of salty, sour foods, which means that once again, predicted a boy. Andrew (baby's father) hasn't been gaining any weight at all through out these 16 + weeks, so yet again, boy. I also did the Chinese gender chart, yep, you guessed it...BOY! So all the old wives tales are pointing to me having a boy! But, not so many people think I am. I have been told only by 5 people (yes I'm keeping track!) that I'm having a boy. Everyone else thinks I am having a girl. So we shall see!
Oh, I have some good news! Morning sickness is officially OVER! Thank God. I am so happy that I am not sick after I eat anymore. I use to always get sick when I went to the bathroom also, which I have no clue why (something about toilets I think). And every single time I brushed my teeth I would get so sick. But not anymore! I just hope I didn't just jinx myself and the morning sickness stays away.
My cravings are also starting to kick in BIG TIME now. Before (I would say) around week 14-15 I had mild cravings, but now, you don't even know how bad they are. Pizza, blueberry bagels with bacon (extra bacon) & cheese (from Dunkin Donuts), egg rolls, anything Mexican, spicy chicken sandwiches, bin bin rice crackers, bacon turkey bravo (from Panera Bread!) and sushi (but I've only eaten California rolls!). I usually wont eat anything else. I've also been wanting alot of orange mango juice and water. Yep, I know, I've been craving alot of weird things. Thank God I don't like pickles, because those are one thing I HAVEN'T been wanting.

Well, I am hungry once again and I kind of want a grilled cheese sandwich. So I will be posting again soon. Good bye for now!


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