Thursday, December 23, 2010


I finally hit the 4 month pregnancy mark on Tuesday! I'm so excited to be in my second trimester of pregnancy. I'm on day 86 & I have 180 days to go until my due date (I'm 14 weeks and 2 days today!).
So far this pregnancy has been tiring for me and is taking a lot out of me, but I have hope it's going to be alot better soon. Before I was pregnant I suffered from severe constipation and now it's even worse because of the pregnancy. It's hard to eat because of it and causes alot of pain in my stomach. My OB told me to stop taking any vitamins with Iron and to find ones with no iron. I also have to take colace twice a day and ducolax twice a week. To be honest, it's NOT going to work! I tried ALL of that before I became pregnant & I was still hospitalized. I've also been loosing weight instead of gaining weight. My OB is also concerned about that because I'm under the weight I started my pregnancy at. So by my next appointment on January 19th, he wants me to have gained 5-7 pounds. I have no clue how I'm going to do that. He also told me to rest alot and keep my feet up because the constipation is causing alot of pain when I walk, especially in my back.
But other then those two problems the baby & I are doing great.
I went in for another ultrasound when I was 12 weeks & 6 days pregnant. The baby is looking great! It's growing good and is very healthy in my tummy. I was in my ultrasound for over an hour just watching the baby move around and being so cute! It was sucking it's thumb and moving all around. I have one picture of the baby and it looks like it's waving.....

baby with it's knees bent

baby on it's tummy

baby waving

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