Friday, July 30, 2010



Yep, you read that one right. I was sitting on my bed, just thinking. I was thinking of all the things I would love to do before the Grim Reaper comes and takes my life away. I mean, yes, I'm only 18. But hey, my life can end tomorrow for all we know. So here is a lovely list of things I want to do before I die (okay people, I know if I die tomorrow i wont get any of them done! LOL!) :

Kind of like flying, so hey, why not feel the wind through my hair on the way down!

*Spend the night in a haunted myself
Yes people, I eat that shit up! Give me a haunted house & I'm entertained for hours.

*Drive across America. ROAD TRIP BABY!
Give me some good Cd's, a bag of chips & a few good friends & were off on an adventure...oh & I would of course need a map!

*Catch a baseball from a Red Sox game
Okay, so maybe I'll be scared I would get hit in the face...but I'll be sure to wear protection, that's why they made those face mask things...right?!

*Find my birth parents & siblings
I know I may never get this one crossed off, but that's actually my number one dream in life. I want to know where I came from. Who my mother is. If I look like her. I have so many questions for her. It will be hard, but I'm going to try & find my parents.

*Walk in a marathon for breast cancer
Yep, I want to do it! I want to take a good ol' walk for breast cancer!

*Visit Alcatraz
Yeah I know its haunted & there are tons of sharks around it, but who gives a flying crap?! I sure as hell know I don't. I want to go and explore the old creepy jail and maybe have a few ghost encounters!

*Go to a gay pride parade
I think gay people are amazing. They are funny & have really good personality's. They have huge hearts & they can be a really good shopping buddy! So I defiantly want to go and support my gays & what they believe in.

*Find the love of my life
I don't care if he is poor & lives in a shoe box (well maybe the shoe box will be an issue) but still, I want to find a really good, amazing guy I can be happy with and have a wonderful life with. & he obviously needs to make me laugh...duh!

*Live on a farm
I know I defiantly am not a hillbilly, but I love horses (maybe not there stench & there nasty poop) but still, I want to live on a farm and raise a whole bunch of animals. I'm not going to eat them though, they will be strictly pets! I am against hunting and killing animals thank you very much!

*Visit the Great Wall of China
I've always been in love with China. I have no clue why, but I would love to go there. Or maybe even move there. Hmm, I might have to learn a little Chinese before I go. Just so I can be with the "in" crowd when I'm there. LOL!

*Have children
Isn't that every girls dream? To be a mom? Mine is, I would love to have kids. 6 to be exact. I've always been in love with kids. I would love for my mom to know her grand children.

*Spend a whole week at the beach
Not sure what beach, but I want to just lay out under a palm tree, with nothing to worry about & listen to the ocean waves (& maybe some little brats wonderful children screaming & yelling).

*Travel to Africa for an African Safari
It might be hot, but I want to explore the wild side of life!

Okay, so maybe that's only like 13 things I want to do before I leave this earth. But hey, it's better then nothing, right?!

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